In Praise of Daler-Rowney!

Okay, so a short post about varnish doesn’t exactly sound exciting, but hey, for me this is great news! You see, previously, I’d always used Vallejo’s matt varnish which seemed to work well enough. However, my latest bottles seemed to increasingly be a little bit ‘glossy’ despite every attempt to stir and shake the bottle, etc. Probing the web for answers, it seemed I’m not the only one with this problem! Eventually, I found someone who suggested using “Daler-Rowney’s Soluble Matt Varnish”.

It was a litte more expensive to buy than my usual bottle, but mostly because there is more in the bottle. Aghast at my currently too glossy figures, I took this gentleman’s advice and bought a bottle.

And it works wonders! I’d like to shake that said gentleman by the hand (if only I could find his post again…) because the benefits are huge. Firstly, when it says “matt” on the bottle, it really means it. There’s not the feintest shine anywhere to be seen. Secondly, the colours and shading, previously hidden by the shine, seem to have come alive. The paint on the figures seems to be so much clearer and brighter. Consequently, I’m not only varnishing new figures with it, but revisiting many of my glossier older ones too!

Note: This post was NOT brought to you by Daler-Rowney, but simply by a happy customer!

Pictures of new (Daler-Rowney varnished) figures to follow soon…

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