Strelets’ Poster Boy!

Err, Happy New Year. I am THE worst blogger. It’s true. Nonetheless, I break my silence to announce that my recent work is currently showing on Russian manufacturer Strelets homepage! There they are below, two of my very own French infantrymen in gas masks walking towards the camera like zombies.

Ooh, and I notice they’ve some great looking Roman legionaries slated for release, which I’m looking forward to seeing…

Screen Shot 01-16-15 at 06.21 PM


In other news, I’ve been really busy painting some Napoleonic Swedish infantry and artillery types after I found a box of them while up in the loft to retrieve the Christmas decorations! They are not the best looking figures that HaT have ever produced but I’m sucker for unusual figures. I’ll add some pics “soon” on their progress. That’s a promise.

During yuletide, I also took the opportunity of continuing what’s become something of a tradition in the Suburban Militarism household; painting a few additional figures for my Christmas infantry regiment (which I’ve dubbed the – ahem – “1st Noel Foot Guards”). I also took the trouble to paint their bases with glitter and glue to give them that ‘Christmassy’ look. They took their seasonal tour of duty on the mantlepiece in between the Christmas cards and the tinsel until the New Year.

Bye for now!

Officer of 1st Noel Foot Guards
Officer of 1st Noel Foot Guards
Musketeer of 1st Noel Foot Guards
Musketeer of 1st Noel Foot Guards

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