Nappy Cavalry Project 2015: Status Update

Yes, it’s now officially called the “Nappy Cavalry Project 2015”. My aim is to produce x10 figures (more or less) of some of the Napoleonic cavalry regiments outlined in a previous post. Namely:

  • Esci Scots Greys (Done!)
  • Hanoverian Hussars (Luneburg and Bremen & Verden Regiments)
  • British 13th Light Dragoons
  • French 1st Hussars
  • French Dragoons
  • French Chasseurs a Cheval
  • French Carabiniers
  • Dutch ‘Red’ Lancers
  • French Grenadiers a Cheval
  • French Lancers
  • French Cuirassiers
  • Prussian Hussars / Cuirassiers / Cumberland Hussars

My first regiment (Scots Greys) are already completed and just need basing.

Esci Scots Greys
Esci Scots Greys

There are already a half-dozen each completed of the Hanoverian Hussar regiments. Maybe I’ll use up the remaining four hussar figures before I call them finished too.

Luneburg Hussar
Luneburg Hussar

The ten French hussars depicting the 1st Regiment are nearly there too; just five more horses and some finishing touches to go on the final troopers.

My lovely blue Italeri French Hussars
My lovely blue Italeri French Hussars

And introducing my latest figures – the 13th Light Dragoons! More on these figures in the next post…

Italeri British Light Dragoons...
Italeri British Light Dragoons…

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