Latest Purchases (yes, it’s yet more hussars…)

The Nappy Cavalry Project for 2015 is continuing very nicely. I’ve about finished the basing for the completed both the Scots Greys and French hussars. The British Light Dragoons are coming along very nicely as are my very latest figures – the French Chasseurs a Cheval. Can’t wait to showcase these ‘little green men’ on the blog, so expect a post soon.

In the meantime, reviewing my list of Napoleonic cavalry for the project, I’ve amended it slightly. The emphasis is now placed on great sculpting rather than simply variety. There are a number of HaT figures in my possession (e.g. Dutch-Belgian Light Dragoons, French Light Lancers, etc) that depict very interesting regiments but whose poses are somewhat stiff, with the sculpting lacking a little in both character and finesse. So, replacing these has enabled me to justify the purchase of more boxes of nappy cavalry…

Waterloo 1815 is the name of an Italian manufacturer which always seems to produce top quality figures on particularly unusual and interesting subjects. That said, hitherto, I’d somehow managed to avoid purchasing any! Their excellently sculpted two Prussian hussar sets cried out for inclusion into my project. The figures look extremely similar but apparently depict different regiments: specifically the 1st or 2nd Life (Leib) Hussars [called “Death’s Head Hussars 1812-15” by the manufacturer);

Waterloo 1815's Prussian Death's Head Hussars. (look at the sorry state of my lawn...)
Waterloo 1815’s Prussian Death’s Head Hussars. (look at the sorry state of my lawn!)

and the more generic ‘Prussian Hussars 1813-15’ which appear to be possibly Brandenburg Hussars on the box art work.

Waterloo 1815 "Prussian Hussars".
Waterloo 1815 “Prussian Hussars”.

Also, arriving through the post to my great delight is yet another hussar kit by Russian manufacturer Zvezda. Their sculpting is also of a high standard and I was keen to snap up their Russian Hussars when I saw it going for a good price.

Zvezda's Russian Hussars. (I really need to do something about my lawn...)
Zvezda’s Russian Hussars. (I really need to do something about my lawn…)

Finally, (with guilt rising and bank balance falling) I’ve elected to buy German Revell‘s newly reissued British Life Guards. These have been largely unavailable for some years but have been included in the Revell’s new Waterloo 200th anniversary set alongside Prussian infantry and French Grenadiers. A canny retailer has made these available individually, however, and I’ve snapped them up.

Well, at least, they’re not hussars!

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