Paint it Black

Just time for a quick post to announce progress on the next regiment in this year’s Napoleonic Cavalry Project. Enter the Prussians with their famous ‘Death’s Head Hussars’, aka the Leib Husaren regiment. I’ll post some more information about them as painting progresses but in the meantime, here’s a preview of one of the first figures nearing completion.

Prussian Death's Head Hussar
Prussian Death’s Head Hussar
Prussian Death's Head Hussar by Waterloo 1815
Prussian Death’s Head Hussar by Waterloo 1815

As you can see, in a change from the brightly colourful French cavalry, these are macabre black-uniformed hussars. They even wore a menacing skull and crossed bones symbol on their shakos. It also marks a change of manufacturer too after the first three sets of Italeri figures; this is the first set I’ve attempted by “Waterloo 1815”.

I’ve been away this weekend for my 12th wedding anniversary. Nevertheless, my endlessly patient wife generously allowed me time to visit a local military museum! I know – I don’t deserve her…or should that be she doesn’t deserve me… Anyway, expect a third ‘Suburban Militarism day trip’ report shortly on the proud Staffordshire Regiment, a regiment that my grandfather served in for part of his enlistment during WWII.


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