Better Red than Dead

This past week I initially intended to take a break from painting for a few days after intensive development of my Prussian Leib Hussars. But… well, it didn’t take long before I got straight to work on my next regiment which I can announce will be the Dutch Red Lancers of the Imperial Guard.


These impressive figures are by Russian manufacturer Zvezda. Despite having 5 boxes of various Zvezda figures in my possession, these are the first that I’ve actually painted. You can observe that these figures are curiously described on the box as being “Lifeguard Polish Uhlans”. Uhlans is a German word usually applied therefore to Germanic lancers only, but this could simply be a translation issue. As for being “Lifeguards”, they have never been described as such, but were a part of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard. And I haven’t even painted them as “Polish Lancers” either! Instead, I’ve elected to paint them in the guise of their less famous sister regiment in the Guard; the Dutch Red Lancers.

Red Lancer (6)
The first six figures under development…

There will be a little more written about these figures and their historical namesakes in forthcoming posts, but in the meantime, here’s a glimpse of how they are proceeding at this early stage. Still lots to do; painting, details, shading and highlighting, etc. And some lancers can be seen currently without any lances.

I’m enjoying these new figures; the very first lancer regiment in the Nappy project, and ones with such wonderful colour and detail too! Updates will be posted…

Red Lancer (5)
Dutch Red Lancer of the French Imperial Guard (sans lance…)

Red Lancer (7)

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