Red Red Whine

It has been a case of slow, careful progress with the latest Nappy cavalry regiment, the Dutch Red Lancers of the Imperial Guard. It has in no way been onerous (the set is wonderful) but the figures demand careful attention to produce even a vaguely decent result. The first six are now nearly completed, with five more still to go.

But now for my ‘whine’. Mounting the figures on to the horses has been a cause for some frustration. Zvezda have designed the set so that the riders have two pegs on their legs to fit into holes in the horses flanks. Unfortunately, getting the pegs into the holes is virtually impossible even with heavy handling. All this has caused a good deal of damage to all my careful paintwork on both horses and riders. Eventually, my solution was to simply cut off the pegs and rely on the glue, which worked more than adequately.

Red Lancers in progress (7) Red Lancers in progress (6)Red Lancers in progress (8)

It may not be immediately apparent but the figures shown here all require a lot of touch-up work to hide the damage caused by the difficult mounting process. With five still remaining, maybe I’ll learn from this.

Red Lancers in progress (3) Red Lancers in progress (5) Red Lancers in progress (4)

That said; I am pleased with the figures. I’m never sure that I’ve quite done them justice but they’ll do. At current rate of progress may take a little while until the remaining five are finished, so it may be timely to post to the blog some ‘Featured Figures’ as a stop-gap soon.

Until then, best wishes to all Suburban Militarism visitors.

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