French Dragoons

I’ve not been idle since those Prussian Dragoons were finished. I’ve been getting on with the next regiment in the Nappy Cavalry Project; Italeri’s by far superior set of French Dragoons. Yes, it might be another dragoon set from the same manufacturer, but the difference is astonishing. If the Prussian Dragoons were candidates for their worst Napoleonic set, these French ones are candidates for their very best. The detail in the sculpting is superb. If anything, the sculpting is almost a little too fine – I like a bit more stark detail for my paint to hang on!

As you may observe, they are sporting a fetching display of pink for their facings.  Not a colour commonly seen in my uniform painting, which is precisely the very reason why I choose to depict the 17th Regiment of Dragoons. I bought a whole new bottle of Vallejo pink paint for the purpose. I realise that, unless I embark on an extensive Gay Pride diorama, this probably leaves me with a whole bottle of paint I’ll never use again…

One word about the leg wear, I’ve painted them grey which I think is historically acceptable. Most images portray dragoons as wearing tan coloured breeches, or ‘parade ground’ white, which leaves me a little unsure.

Some photos – they are not finished as you can see, but are getting there.

French Dragoons in progress (1)

French Dragoons in progress (2)

French Dragoons in progress (7)

French Dragoons in progress (6)

Off on my holiday tomorrow, so there will be a hiatus and those dragoon horses will have to wait until I get back. There is a slight possibility that I may even be able to visit a military museum while away. If I do, expect another Suburban Militarism Day Trip post. If I don’t, well then maybe a holiday with my wife and daughter as a break from all things military-related is just what’s needed!

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