Distractions and Plans

It’s been a little while since the last regiment (the Prussian Dragoons) were finished. Holidays and other commitments have delayed modelling progress a little. Oh well, I suppose that family and work are also important! First a brief reminder of what’s been painted so far:

Esci Hanoverian Hussars
Esci Scots Greys
Italeri French Hussars
Italeri French Chasseurs a Cheval
Italeri British Light Dragoons
Waterloo 1815 Prussian Leib (Death’s Head) Hussars
Zvezda Dutch Red Lancers
Italeri Prussian Dragoons
Italeri French Dragoons (nearly done…)

I’ve been tinkering with the French Dragoons and I daresay that they may even be ready by the end of this weekend. I’ve been somewhat distracted, I must admit. I’ve been taking stock and considering future painting plans. I confess that 9 cavalry regiments into the year, I’m finding myself eager to explore different topics and eras. The Quiberon Expedition and the Victorian-era Hurst Castle mentioned in my recent posts have pricked my interest. I’ve received the Strelets British Infantry in Egypt set and have tentatively prepared some to paint in my quiet moments.

Strelets British Line Infantry in Egypt.
Strelets British Line Infantry in Egypt.
Strelets British Line Infantry in Egypt.
Strelets British Line Infantry in Egypt.

I’m also longing to get back to some Victorian-era soldiers. I’ve been a member of the Victorian Military Society since the age of 13 and my interest in the era hasn’t waned over the intervening years. Strelets have produced a comprehensive Strelets Crimean War range that I’d love to get back to painting. But then, there are some terrific 28mm metal figures available. Yes – you read that right – 28mm! I’ve never attempted that scale before now… dare I step out of my 20mm comfort zone? I’ve worked with other scales before, my very first figure painting some years ago was with 25mm metal Prince August figures:

More Prince August Highlanders
More Prince August Highlanders
Prince August 25mm 10th Hussars
Prince August 25mm 10th Hussars
Prince August Napoleonic Highlanders
Prince August Napoleonic Highlanders
Prince August Prussian Infantry
Prince August Prussian Infantry

As you can see, I had a fairly ‘basic’ but clean painting technique. Enamel paints and gloss varnish used instead of the acrylics and matt varnish that I now have. Back to larger scales might require a change in technique. Something to seriously think about for 2016, perhaps?

Enough waffle and pipe-dreaming. Next post will hopefully feature the latest regiment in the Nappy Cavalry Project – the 17th regiment of French Dragoons!


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