A Study in Scarlet

Having despatched those Italeri French dragoons with their fine green uniforms, I’ve now well and truly moved into “redcoat” territory. In fact, I’ve found myself tinkering with no less than three different sets of model soldiers all of whom are wearing British scarlet!

Whenever I initially basecoat a figure using scarlet, it always immediately looks far too vivid. I have to tell myself that once shading and highlighting are applied they will start to look a little more as I intend them to. Or so I hope.

The Quiberon Expedition figures I mentioned in a recent post are now underway. They will be a little tricky to paint but, as with all Strelets, despite being an acquired taste, they have plenty of charm and character.

Red Coats (6)
Strelets British infantry being painted as a Royalist French emigre regiment in the Quiberon expedition.

I’m also tentatively having a go at my very first 28mm scale figures. These are early Victorian British soldiers from Perry Miniatures wearing (my personal favourite headgear) the Albert Shako. Being bigger figures they seem at first easier to paint but, at the same time, there’s nowhere to hide for any mistakes or lack of precision!

Red Coats (8)
Perry Miniatures British Line Infantry from their “British Intervention Force in North America 1861-68” range.

Nevertheless, I am also still firmly committed to my ongoing 20mm Nappy Cavalry Project and have started my next regiment. You guessed it – they are also wearing scarlet! This is a new set only recently released by Waterloo 1815, the British Heavy Dragoons of the 1812-1815 era. I’m planning on painting them as the 1st Dragoons, also known as The Royals. I’ll provide more thoughts on this new set in a later blog entry.

Red Coats (7)
Base coat applied. A British heavy dragoon figure from the latest Nappy Cavalry Project regiment.

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