Scarlet Fever

Having had some days off, I’ve been able to devote some time to tackling all those figures wearing scarlet that I mentioned in the previous post.

The Quiberon Expedition troops have progressed. I’ve realised that the Strelets figures don’t quite match the uniform that’s been depicted on the French royalist émigré regiments. I’m intending to carry on regardless and hope to slap on the paint in such a way that the difference will be less obvious. The regiments I’m hoping to depict are:

The Loyal Emigrants Regiment.
The Royal Marine Regiment.
The Royal Marine Regiment.
Royal Louis
The Royal Louis Regiment.

I aim to paint the latter by using Strelets’ French Infantry in Egypt set when it comes through the post. With still plenty of paint to add, here’s how some of the figures are looking so far:

Loyal Emigrant Regiment
Loyal Emigrant Regiment troops
Loyal Emigrant Regt.
Loyal Emigrant Regt.
The Royal Marine Regt.
The Royal Marine Regt.
The Royal Marine Regt.
In progress: Men of the French Royal Marine Regt.

The 28mm Perry figures have taken a back step while I’ve concentrated instead on the British Heavy Dragoons set by Waterloo 1815. After their terrific Prussian Hussars that I painted earlier this year, this set, I must admit, has been a disappointment. Firstly, the detail on the figures is nowhere near as crisp and clear as previously. I’m not sure whether it is a problem in the sculpting or with the mold, but it’s simply not as beautifully detailed, instead being a little bit smooth and vague. This makes for greater difficulty (for me at least) to get a decent paint job out of it.

Trumpeter of the 1st Dragoons (The Royals)
Trumpeter of the 1st Dragoons (The Royals)

The horses are also poor, there being only a miserly two poses for the entire set! The detail is again less distinct and crisp than the wonderful figures of their previous sets. But my biggest bugbear is that the riders simply didn’t fit on the horses! Feedback from a friend on Benno’s Figures Forum suggests that this problem might simply be restricted to me, and I’ve unluckily received a bad kit! For other’s sake, I hope so. I wouldn’t wish on anybody the endless brutal hacking away with a craft knife that I had to employ! The horse figures are badly disfigured as a consequence of this, but at least they (more or less) fit the riders now.

British Heavy Dragoon by Waterloo 1815
British Heavy Dragoon by Waterloo 1815

I don’t want to trash the set completely as, despite my complaints, I think the figures are beginning to look okay with paint on them, especially when compared to work from certain other manufacturers. And I’m glad to see that the sculptor has depicted the docked tails that was a feature of British Dragoon horses. Furthermore, the hobby was crying out for another decent Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons set to replace the now very rare and rather basic old HaT versions. And I think that the troopers can still be considered an improvement, but, given Waterloo 1815s previously high standards, for me this set has been something of a let down.

And the scarlet painting continues as my young daughter insists I spend time in her “nail bar”…


Next post: Yet another Suburban Militarism day out!


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