Send in the Browns

A guiding principle behind this year’s Nappy Cavalry Project has been the notion of variety. Different types of cavalry sporting different colour uniforms is the theme. Thankfully, there’s few more colourful eras for the military modeller than the Napoleonic. In deciding which next regiment to paint, I was eager to get back to some more flamboyant-looking hussars after all those dragoons. These Prussian Hussars by the Italian manufacturer Waterloo 1815 were purchased earlier in the year along with two other hussar sets. The first Waterloo 1815 hussar set that I painted back in May was the Leib “Death’s Head” Hussars, a regiment dressed in intimidating black dolmans with white braid and a skull and crossbones on their shakos.

Prussian Leib Hussars (15)
Prussian 1st Leib Hussars

Waterloo 1815s’ other Prussian Hussar set presented me with a number of possible Prussian regiments to depict, all of them wearing shades of either black, blue or green. But there was one exception; the Erstes Schlesisches Hussaren-Regiment (or 1st Silesian Hussar Regiment), which unusually adopted a brown dolman and pelisse. I couldn’t resist the opportunity of attempting a Nappy cavalry regiment wearing a brown uniform, so my choice was made. Regiment number 9 will be the 1st Silesian Hussars!

I found myself fretting about getting the right shade of brown; I’m just not used to painting brown uniforms! Nothing I had in my paint collection seemed quite right and buying a new colour is always a risk, so I eventually elected to mix my own shade from the browns in my collection which I think looks similar to what I intended. The 1st Silesians had a yellow braid on their brown uniforms and this set, unlike the Leib Hussars version, depicts the shakos covered in oilskins (with the exception of the officers). I’ve set to work on the uniform using various combinations of brown and this is the result so far with other details applied but still needing a little more work.

Silesian Hussars (8)
Hussar of the 1st Silesian Regiment. Work still to be done but they’ve certainly come along way over the weekend.
Silesian Hussars (5)
Sabretaches still to be done amongst other things…
Silesian Hussars (6)
After the figures, then I’ll be turning my attention to their horses.

All in all, I think they’ll make a nicely contrasting addition to my growing collection of Nappy cavalry regiments. As the old song goes, ‘send in the browns’! (Don’t bother, they’re here!) 😉

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