My dragoons have made the news!

I’m pleased to report that my figures have received some wider exposure. I’ve received in my email inbox recently a newsletter from the very wonderful Benno’s Figures Forum and was delighted to see that my recently completed British Heavy Dragoons regiment has made it in! See below…

Can you spot my British Heavy Dragoons feature?

The feature on my British Heavy Dragoons, bottom right…

A closer view. As you can see, my figures were in some very good company!

5 thoughts on “My dragoons have made the news!

    1. Quote “We all can use a little encouragement occasionally”
      And some pampering also!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The work you put in such a difficult medium as the soft plastic those figs are made of, is remarkable
      If you don’t count my third trip in 4 years, to a cardio ICU, and because of that I’ve missed another Greek summer, yes I’m OK, I,m back into painting my Bayreuth Dragoons, some Gentarmes d’elite a cheval and a Bavarian foot regiment for me and lots of bolt action vehicles for commissions
      Have a nice day

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      1. Glad to hear you’re out of the ICU and back painting again. I’d love to do the Gendarmes d’elite as well. In plastic, I’ve got a kit I could do from HaT that is an adequate set but not much more. Looking forward to seeing those Bavarians and Dragoons too.

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