Finishing Touches…

Those Silesian Hussars are nearly done. I do love these Waterloo 1815 Prussian hussars sets. Even if there are small historical accuracy errors and some horse poses are occasionally questionable, the sculpting is still terrific. I realise now that I’ve been a but lazy and that I should have trimmed the flash on the horses and figures more. Never mind, too late for that and I’m still pretty pleased with them.

With a few touches still to do, it’s been a nice sunny day so I took them straight out into the garden. Formal blog post to come, but in the meantime, here’s a preview.

Silesian Hussars nearly done (12)

Silesian Hussars nearly done (15)

Silesian Hussars nearly done (14)


3 thoughts on “Finishing Touches…

    1. Hi, thanks for your praise! For the shading I use a heavy black acrylic wash. I make sure it’s quite a dark wash, not too thin. Then I dry brush vigorously with the base coat and lightly build up with lighter shades of that.

      As for horse colours, I use Vallejo acrylic base coats:

      German Camo Black-Brown (for dark bays).
      Off-white / Sky Grey mix (for greys).
      Red Leather / Cavalry Brown mix (for chestnuts).
      Desert Yellow / Brown Sand mix (for duns).

      Getting that base coat mix, depth of shading and highlighting about right is a bit like alchemy really!


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