The Boys in Blue

Firstly, a positively glowing review from the occasionally uncharitable Plastic Soldier Review on the new Waterloo 1815 British Heavy Dragoons set that I’ve recently painted. PSR is not always so unstinting and I thought that their 8 out of 10 for the number of poses in the set (with just 2 horse poses!) particularly generous. That said – with a little work – the set does really look great and I’m pleased to see the work coming out from Waterloo 1815 finally getting such recognition.

1st Dragoons (3)

Meanwhile, the signs of early Autumn has arrived over in the UK and I’m now getting down to the final regiments in this year’s cavalry project. The aim is to paint maybe 4 more or so before ending with a grand parade of all the finished regiments. This review will be attended, it is hoped, by a significant personage with a small mounted entourage. I won’t reveal the name at this stage, but I think it could very possibly be guessed who it is…

The next regiment in the Nappy Cavalry Project will be…the Royal Horse Guards! Also known as “The Blues”, this prestigious regiment made up a part of the 1st British (Household) Brigade at Waterloo. The set I’m using is Revell’s Life Guards set. Although the set states Life Guards, it can also be used for the virtually identical sister regiment in the Household Cavalry, the Royal Horse Guards, the only obvious difference being the Life Guards wearing a scarlet coat and the Horse Guards a blue one (hence their nickname).

This is the first regiment attempted in the project to make use of Revell figures, and it’s clear that the sculpting style of Revell is slight and slender, but anatomically very accurate. Painting these is something of a challenge without all the crisp detail demonstrated by the Waterloo 1815 hussars set I’ve just finished. I’ll just have to give it my best shot. Here’s some pics showing early progress:

RHG in Progress (3)

RHG in Progress (4)


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