Blue Notes

Nearly finished those Royal Horse Guard riders and so I’m now looking to start work on their horses. These Revell guys are certainly tricky, there’s not much sculpting detail to hang my paint on, so I have to be steady with my brush. That said, I do really like them and all that hard work seems to have paid dividends.

There’s some considerable disagreement in the internet world about how they were exactly supposed to look in 1815. As always, I do aim for historical accuracy but where there is any doubt, I’m more than happy to opt for whatever I like the look of best.

It’s just a coincidence that I’m now painting the Blues when I’ve only just recently painted the Royals. These two grand old regiments merged in 1969 to form the Blues and Royals, whose troopers can commonly be seen in London – still dressed in their blue coats – when performing ceremonial duties as part of the queen’s personal bodyguard.

Here’s how they are progressing:

Royal Horse Guards (7)

Royal Horse Guards (4)

Royal Horse Guards (2)

Royal Horse Guards (3)


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