A Cossack Charge!

Getting a bit literary for a little while here at Suburban Militarism. Whilst I was putting the finishing touches to the Cossack Lifeguard figures, I found a poem written about Cossack cavalry by Jessie Pope. Pope was a poet born in my local area, coincidentally. In the early 20th century she wrote a number of pro-war ‘jingoistic’ poems which were in stark contrast to the work of the now more famous soldier-poets such as Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. Indeed, Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum est” was initially dedicated to Pope as a direct retort to her brand of war-glorifying poetry.

Whilst her work might be a poor guide to the reality of horror on the western front in WWI, her poem “A Cossack Charge” makes for a darn good introduction to my developing Zvezda cossack cavalry figures, I like to think…

Cossacks they’re coming!
The eager hoofs are drumming,
On glinting steel the autumn sunlight glances.
The distant mass draws nearer,
The surging line shows clearer
An angry, tossing wave of manes and lances.

Cossacks in Progress (6)

Cossacks in Progress (7)
One of the figures carrying a lance. I stupidly lost one of the lances I needed but created a passable copy from a spare Roman cataphract by HaT!

Nearly finished these riders, and so it will soon be on to those cossack horses.


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