Quiberon Update

Whilst taking a little time out from painting my latest Nappy Cavalry Regiment, I revisited my Quiberon Expedition venture that I’d first begun after returning from holiday in July. I’ve previously posted some progress pictures of the Royal Emigre Regiment and the Royal Marine Regiment, but I’ve also recently begun the Royal Louis Regiment too.

For the other regiments I’d been using Strelets’ British Infantry in Egypt set, but for the Royal Louis troops, I needed the Strelets’ French Infantry in Egypt set instead. Neither of the Strelets sets are perfect for the Quiberon uniforms, but with the strategic application of paint, at 20mm tall I fancy I can almost get away with it. The Royal Louis Regiment features the pre-revolutionary white uniform, but I could use the same figures for their adversaries, the revolutionary French troops themselves.

In progress… the Royal Louis Regiment.



With one more regiment still to paint (the Royal Artillery also with Strelets figs) I’m hoping to maybe have a selection of these troops ready by the end of the year or possibly by the beginning of the next. In the meantime, it’s back to those Cossack boys…

Strelets French Artillery in Egypt box (with assistance from my daughter).
Strelets French Artillery in Egypt box (with assistance from my daughter).

4 thoughts on “Quiberon Update

  1. There have been worse covers… all of them by Strelets though! They are so bad I’d almost be sorry to see them change actually. This is actually one of their better ones, would you believe – you should see some of the others! Photoshop hell.


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