Carabiniers a Cheval Progress Report

I returned from the dentist earlier this week without receiving any surgical procedure but with a promise to undergo a tooth extraction in a month’s time. In the meantime, I’ve been making steady progress to the Carabiniers a Cheval regiment. Stll things to do, mostly to the horses. I’ve made minor revisions aplenty and gradually it’s all getting close to the finish. I’ve found this an interesting challenge with those white uniforms and brass cuirasses. All that metal armour makes it feel as though I’m tackling ancients and not nappies!

After some prevarication, I’ve gone for black horses for all the figures. This will be closer to the ideal than the reality, but I like my Napoleonic cavalry regiments to look their absolute parade-ground best rather than suffering from the vicissitudes of being on a long winter campaign. It is thought by some sources that the carabiniers wore their pre-1809 blue uniform on campaign rather than their impractical white one, furthermore the difficulties of sourcing horses especially on campaign would have made the aim of having exclusively black horses a difficult one to obtain. But whilst they’re on my shelf, this regiment will parade in white uniforms mounted on black horses!

In other news, I’ve received through the post this week some more boxes of figures. Firstly, I bought at a discount some more Revell Life Guards to enable me to complete (at some point in the future) two Life Guard regiments to add to the Horse Guards recently completed. In addition, in a complete change of theme, some boxes of imperial Strelets Roman infantry also came through, which will probably be form one of the aims for my hobby next year.

Here’s a preview of the 12th regiment’s figures as they approach completion.

Carabiniers in Progress (8)

Carabiniers in Progress (6)

Carabiniers in Progress (5)

Carabiniers in Progress (2)


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