The End is in Sight…

…for both my french cuirassiers and the Nappy Cavalry Project. However, the weekend has been marred with the tragic news of the mass murder of innocent people in Paris. At such times, even a brief escape into the meditative pleasure of a hobby such as this can be consolatory. My figures may depict ancient men of war, but your humble blogger remains implacably a pacifist and I can only express my profound hope that the french people will be spared the great evil of any further atrocities.

Away from the squalid subject of terrorism, I can announce that my French 10th Cuirassier regiment is nearing completion at last. They’ve taken some time but, with such a lovely set from Zvezda, it’s not been in any way burdensome. One thing I also want to mention is how generous Zvezda were with this set of French cuirassiers; 19 figures when many manufacturers will provide no more than 12. Unfortunately, the Russian manufacturer seems to only issue figures now in packs of three, something of a disappointment given their previous generosity!

Aside from painting these figures, I’ve been on a trip out to my oft-frequented local military museum. I’ll share some images of this in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, here’s a couple of quick snaps to show how it’s all looking so far. Hopefully they’ll all be completed sometime later this week.

French Cuirassiers in Progress (4)

French Cuirassiers in Progress (2)


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