It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

With Christmas Day barely 2 and a half weeks away, I thought it was time I started to do some traditional activities. No, I’m not talking about decorating the Christmas tree or rooting out the seasonal decorations. I’m referring to my annual painting of my 1/72 scale Christmas regiment!

In recent years, using Revell’s Austrian 7 Years War Infantry, I’ve painted a fictional regiment of 18th century soldiers in suitably festive colours, basing them in deep snow and even adding a little tinsel to their tricorn hats. The painted figures then take a ‘tour of duty’ guarding the mantelpiece for the duration of the Christmas period.

Christmas Infantry (5)
Men of the 1st Noel Foot Guards regiment.

The regiment that I’ve painted hitherto has been dubbed the 1st Noel Foot Guards (bad pun, I know), sporting a deep red coat, gold facings and holly-green coat lining and turnbacks. My 8 year old daughter even designed them a flag last year on computer, which I printed and attached to the ensign.

Christmas Infantry (8)
Flag of the 1st Noel designed by my daughter


This year, however, I’m painting a new Christmas regiment for a change. Still using the Revell Austrian 7YW Infantry, I’m selecting grenadiers only to form my Yuletide Grenadiers battalion. I’m opting for white coats with gold caps. Not sure about the trim yet, possibly a red or green combination. Here they are below after the first (as yet unshaded) lick of paint as a basecoat for their coats and caps.

Better get my daughter on to designing their flag. No more time to waste for me on these figures though, I’ve got to get back to Napoleon and his escort so as to complete this year’s Nappy Cavalry Project.

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