Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

I’ve started off the New Year by attempting something completely different to Napoleonic cavalry. A great way to recharge the creative batteries. I’ve been impressed by Strelets’ new Roman releases depicting infantry simply standing or on a ‘ceremonial march’ (i.e. marching without any equipment) – so I thought I’d begin 2016 with these figures.

Doing “ancients” is a little out of my comfort zone, and I’ve never painted Romans wearing this classic lorica segmentata armour, but I’m quite pleased with how these have gone. I’ve prepared another sprue’s worth of figures to do, so I may spend another couple of weeks yet on these figures. Like all Strelets, the characters have plenty of crisp definition to hang paint on, though they can be a little rough around the edges sculpting-wise and lack the refinement of some manufacturers. The shields come separately for most of the figures but this posed little problems that generous blobs of glue couldn’t solve.

I notice from these pics that I’ve not finished off the pilums (throwing spears) properly, so will attend to that soon. And I should finish off those shield bosses properly too…

I’m aiming to post soon with some concrete plans for the hobby in 2016, but in the meantime, all I can say is – I came, I saw, I painted!

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