Victorian Royal Artillery

Straight after attempting my very first 28mm figures, I thought I’d carry on in the scale with one of my recent Christmas presents, Perry Miniatures’ Royal Artillery firing a 12-pounder Armstrong. I’m slowly starting to feel more comfortable painting at this scale but it’s still experimentation. The sculpting is terrific for one who has had a lifelong interest in Victorian military history. I think it might have been last year’s visit to the coastal fort of Hurst Castle that has really inspired me to paint up some Royal Artillery figures from this era.

Never mind tackling the new 28mm scale, after a year of attempting cavalry, painting artillery is well out of my comfort zone too! I’ve now got to turn my attention to how I paint the cannon itself, and then also consider how I’m going to base the whole battery.

And it doesn’t stop there.

There are two more sets of cannon with gunners currently winging their way to me through the post. One group is loading and the other aiming, so with this ‘firing’ group, the whole process will be covered. So it looks as though 28mm Victorian Royal Artillery is now down on 2016’s list of projects!

Oh, and I’m not quite sure about the red backdrop cloth that I used for these photos…


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