WYC: Progress Report #1

The first of my progress reports on the Warwickshire Yeomanry Cavalry project. As you can see, the ‘French Grey’ coats worn by the regiment has been applied I’ve used Vallejo’s Grey Blue which I had lying around from painting French Poilu’s in gasmasks from the First World War. After the basecoat was on, I felt it was a pretty good match for what I wanted. The breeches have simply been basecoated and still require a little shading. They will be wearing gloves which will be white (the contemporary painting below of an officer shows him holding a pair of white gloves).

Warwickshire Yeomanry progress (4)
Officer of the Warwickshire Yeomanry Cavalry


Inevitably, there will have to be some compromises in the depiction of the uniform. The coats apparently extended below the waist belt. Although I could try to paint this in, I’m always inclined to work with the sculpter and so have just painted down to the waist belt. The WYC also seemingly had brass epaulettes, but these are absent on the Perry figures; I may attempt to paint these in. Finally, the horses shown in the few prints of the regiment seem to have no saddle cloth.

But, I’m not too concerned. Detailed information on the WYC is scarce and what sources are available is probably best treated with caution as regards accuracy. Consequently, my depiction of the uniform will probably be as good as any!


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