WYC Progress Report #2

I’ve found an excellent little article on the prints drawn by a local “stationer and painter” Edward Rudge. He drew images of various Birmingham volunteers during the time of the threat of invasion by France at the end of the 18th century. Two of his prints show two local infantry volunteer units; the Birmingham Loyal Association and the 1st Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. The third print, dated April 1801, depicts my very own Warwickshire Yeomanry Cavalry in “what seems to be the second uniform of the regiment, with a skirted ‘Austrian’ jacket”. This refers to the jacket extending a little below the waist (which mine do not as the sculpter).


The print shows two mounted troopers fully engaged in sword drill and is “respectfully dedicated by their obedient humble servant, E. Rudge.” A highly detailed version of the aquatint print can be found here at the Brown digital repository.

Meanwhile, figures which will form my contribution to the Bennos Figures Forum Group Build for 2016 have now finally found their way to me through the post, so I may have to put the yeomanry horses on the back-burner until these have been painted. Anyway, more on this soon until then here’s pics of the WYC troopers which are now nearing completion. They still require their scabbards and sabretaches attaching, and their stirrups painting, but they are 90% finished. I’m pleased with how they’ve turned out and are, I like to think, an improvement on my first 28mm figures painted earlier this year.


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