HaT Dutch Infantry: Making progress

I’ve been getting on with the HaT Dutch Infantry nicely. I seem to be able to progress so much more quickly than I use to a few years ago. I’m not sure exactly which poses I’m going to use for the Road to Arnhem display, or even how for that matter! So I’ve just painted a range of the non-action poses to give me some options, but I’m still scratching my head for any ideas.

I must admit, I wasn’t too impressed with these figures on the sprue, but now they’re close to being finished, I think they’ve turned out much better than I thought possible. Not too much more work and they should be ready by the weekend. A select few will be chosen for the ‘on the road’ scene. The problem is that the marching figures are out of step and the standing to attention figures need a reason to be stationary whilst out there on the road. I’ll be thinking about this issue as they near completion. In the meantime, here’s how they are looking so far with accoutrements to be painted and varnish to be added.

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