Belgian Waffle

As figures forming my contribution to the Bennos Figures Forum “Road to Arnhem” project make their way over to Germany, I’ve been continuing painting yet more Napoleonic troops from the Netherlands. Staying with manufacturer HaT, I’ve started on their old Dutch-Belgian Light Dragoons set, making use of two boxes so to allow for 12 figures for each regiment. I’ve painted the first half-dozen riders of both regiments and will start on their horses soon. The regiments are:

4th Dutch Light Dragoons:

5th Belgian Light Dragoons:

Both regiments were heavily engaged at Waterloo under Wellington. I intend to add them, when eventually complete, to the Nappy Cavalry Project page along with all the other Napoleonic regiments featured there from 2015.

Being early HaT sets, the figures on the sprue look competent rather than brilliant. Yet again, however, I’ve been impressed how well they come up after the application of paint. I’ll soon see how their horses fare after I begin to tackle those next.

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