Yeomanry and other news…

It’s been a couple of months since I last turned my brush to the Warwickshire Yeomanry. But now I’ve come back to them again and this week I’ve turned my attention to the first couple of horses.

These light dragoon horses come with saddlecloths, sabretaches and carbines; none of these seem to be features of early yeomanry cavalry. So I’m having to make compromises again. I’ve left off the carbines and sabretaches, but here’s not much I can do about the saddlecloths so I’ve just painted them with colours of my choosing, light blue for the saddlecloth with green ‘wolf teeth’ to match their facings.

I’ve still to paint and attach the scabbards, and base the figures somehow, but otherwise these two chaps are nearly done. Just twelve more to go…

Meanwhile, I’ve other plans! Some new figures have come through the post in recent weeks: in 1/72 scale there are some HaT colonial Indian infantry and HaT Bengal Lancers; and from Perry Miniatures some 28mm British infantry from the 1st Carlist War (1833-1840).

And there’s more news too. I’m busy painting something else…but I can’t actually tell you about it! In fact, for reasons I can’t reveal, I’ll be keeping it a secret for a few months yet!

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