The Warwickshire Yeomanry Cavalry…at last!

At long last, they’re finished! I started the Warwickshire Yeomanry figures back in February of this year, but with other projects and duties demanding my attention, it’s been a long time before I could get around to finishing them off.

Warwickshire Yeomanry (4)

These are the first 28mm cavalry that I’ve painted. I’m fairly pleased with the end result, there’s always something to be improved upon, but they’ll do nicely. I’ve learnt to accept the numerous compromises necessary in depicting these figures as yeomanry and I think they make a good impression of the WYC in the Napoleonic period.

Warwickshire Yeomanry (6)

I’ve added some carbines to five of the figures, representing the limited number of each troop which would be so armed.

Warwickshire Yeomanry (12)
Trooper with carbine.

It should be admitted that the officer still requires the end of his shabraque completing as I’ve procrastinated as to how to do this. He has a sabretache with the letters WYC (more or less!) upon it. The sabretache design is based on one in service from the 1850s, evidence of anything from earlier in the regimental history being absent.

Warwickshire Yeomanry (10)
Officer of the WYC

Photos of the final 5 figures and indeed the entire completed regiment below!

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