Featured Figures: Strelets Russian Infantry (Crimean War)

I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to two of my Quiberon Expedition regiments. As I’ve been doing this, I realised that it’s been a while since I had a Featured Figures post, so I thought that it’s about time to dig out some figures from storage and showcase them here on the blog.

More Russian Infantry (4)
Strelets Russian Line Infantry (Crimean War)

Let me tell you, I have lots of Strelets Crimean War figures to paint, especially Russians. I have painted up a number of their infantry already, though. Strelets produced two sets of Russian infantry, one being listed simply as being ‘line infantry’ (and wearing grey greatcoats) and the other described as ‘grenadiers’ who simply appear without the large grey greatcoat. I think the description of being either grenadiers and line infantry is simply an alternative way of differentiating the “with” and “without” greatcoats sets. I also understand that, in practice, the average Russian soldier would wear his greatcoat virtually all the time in this campaign. Having the grenadiers set at least lets us see the classic Russian infantry green uniform in all its glory as well, but it’s the ‘line infantry’ boys that I’m looking at in this post.

More Russian Infantry (2)

As with all Strelets figures, the sculpting may not be to everyone’s liking. What these figures may lack in elegance, they often more than make up for in character and expression. The Russian Line Infantry set has a different pose for every single figure. Consequently, we see Ivan the Soldier either calling out to his comrades; reaching into a pocket; carrying his musket in a bewildering variety of ways; in the process of tearing off his coat in frustration(!); or even just contemplating the hideous folly of war while leaning wistfully with chin on musket (in a manner liable to blow his brains out if he’s not careful)! With such a wide variety of poses, not to say dizzying variety of sets released for this campaign, painting Strelets is often great fun. And fun is surely what it’s all about with hobbies, after all!

I do plan to finish the whole box of these guys – one day. Maybe then I can get on with the painting all my Urak Cossacks, the sailors and cannons, the ‘grenadier’ infantry, the Don Cossacks, the general and hospital staff, the hussars, the dragoons, the Terek Cossacks, etc., etc.!

But it’s back to more Strelets for now, as I’m doggedly pushing on with my Quiberon Expedition Project.

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