Loyal Emigrants and Royal Marines

Two of my regiments in the Quiberon Expedition project are now finally finished; the Loyal Emigrants and the Royal Marines. Just leaves the Royal Louis Regiment (also known as Le Régiment d’Hervilly) to finish off and then it’s on to the final figures which will be the artillery.

These Strelets boys are not the prettiest figures, and converting the regiments probably doesn’t do them any favours either. However, I think they look okay and make for a interesting and different topic to explore. Not much more to add other than say in my very best Franglais – “Ici, ils sont les régiments Quiberon d’expédition!!”

The Loyal Emigrant Regiment:

Le Régiment d’Hector  (The Royal Marines):

In other news; I’ve added a new page to Suburban Militarism dedicated to Strelets’ Crimean War series of figures. The plan is to get back to painting some of this range and build up my armies, displaying them via links on the new page. Given the huge numbers of figures and diverse sets for me still to paint, this is likely to be an ongoing project lasting some considerable time!

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