Life Painting: Revell Life Guards

Last year, as part of 2015’s Nappy Cavalry Project, I painted some Revell Life Guards. Being somewhat contrary, for that particular project I chose to paint them as their sister regiment in the Household Division; the Royal Horse Guards (aka The Blues) – which you can view here. I enjoyed painting them so much that I immediately resolved to paint the remainder of the box as Life Guards too, possibly at some point in 2016.

Revell Royal Horse Guards
Royal Horse Guards (The Blues)

So that’s exactly what I’m now doing…

Early stages of painting: Lots still to do, including their grubby faces!

I’d forgotten just how tricky these Revell guys are to do. Some of the detail is really tiny, and it seems especially so after painting Strelets figures. Already, I’ve gone through a number of troughs of doubt as to how they are progressing, convinced I need to re-do this or that, or even contemplating completely starting again. Hopefully, they’ll all turn out okay in the end!

Even though they are still in the early stages of paintwork, it’s interesting to compare the figures with their Royal Horse Guard versions from last year (see below).


Updates on my progress to follow in due course!

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