British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century: 13th Light Dragoons

A series of regular blog posts displaying images from “British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century”; a set of trade cards issued by Badshah Tea Co. of London in 1963. 

#4: The 13th Light Dragoons

“This regiment formed part of the Light Brigade in the famous charge at Balaclava and our picture shows a trooper of this period. In 1861 the regiment was converted to Hussars and in 1922 amalgamated with the 18th Hussars to form the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own).”

Trooper, 13th Light Dragoons (c.1854)

Sites of interest about the 10th Hussars:

Ogilvy Trust webpage on the 13th/18th Royal Hussars and Light Dragoons museum.

The Light Dragoons Regimental Association website.

National Army Museum webpage on the 13th Hussars.

And I’ve painted the 13th LD in both their Napoleonic and, like here, their Crimean campaign uniforms. See blog post here. And here

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