Tiny Lancer


French Napoleonic Lancer by Waterloo 1815 awaiting some attention with my brushes.

With the French Horse Grenadiers now despatched, it’s straight on to my 20th regiment in the Nappy Cavalry Project. I’m staying with Napoleon’s cavalry, but instead of a Heavy regiment of the Guard, I’m tackling a Light regiment of the Line; specifically I’m painting French Line Lancers 1811-15!

The figures are by Waterloo 1815 and were released last year, just a little too late to be included in 2015’s figures. I’m a big fan of Waterloo 1815. They’re not always completely historically accurate but this set (horse sheepskin shapes aside) is excellent. The sculpting on this French Line Lancers set is, as always, superb and wonderfully crisp. All of which makes for a rewarding painting experience for the modeller. I’ve chosen the 4th Regiment of lancers, known as 4ème Régiment de Chevaux-Légers Lanciers, purely because they sport burgundy-like coloured facings which I thought would make a nice change.

Sunny day outside. Maybe I should stop playing with soldiers and get out in the fresh air?!

Only the Red Lancers and Guard Cossacks have sported lances in the project so far, and after painting plenty of dragoons and hussars, it’s great to be having a go at some more lancers. There’s a lot of them too. Waterloo 1815 pack a whopping 18 riders into a box. That’s a lot of figures to paint for someone who was tackling just 10 at a time for the previous regiments, but nevertheless I’m going to attempt the lot!

“The Death of General Ponsonby” at the hands of French Lancers, (apparently the 4th Regt – coincidentally my chosen topic).

The only real moan on Plastic Soldier Review is that the horse furniture is wrong, the sheepskin being wrongly sculpted into a kind of shabraque. They recommend switching to horses from another set, but I’m tempted to stick with them, the sculpting of the horses heads in particular being so impressive.

Horse from the Waterloo 1815 French Line Lancers set.

Watch out for progress reports.


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