France’s Lancers

In my last post on the latest regiment in my Nappy Cavalry Project, I suggested that the 4th Lancers were to be my choice for Waterloo 1815’s French Line Lancer set. However, I (mis)spent a sizeable portion of a morning off from work experimenting with mixed paints to reproduce the exact shade I required for the 4th. The conclusion of my experiments were never quite satisfying and so, rather than condemning myself to being unhappy with an incorrect colour, I elected to simply change my mind and pick another regiment.

Instead, I am tackling the 1st Regiment of lancers who wore red facings. The contrast between green and red is a pleasing one, and it means being able to simply choose one of my numerous red shades of Vallejo paint rather than mixing one up.


With 17 figures to tackle, this regiment has the feeling of being a project all of itself and will certainly take some time to finish. It’s a hobby, not a production line, so I’m happy to take all the time necessary. That said; they’re coming along nicely and already I’m approaching tackling the horses which I envisage will take a little longer to create.french-line-lancers-1

Did I say I’m nearly on to painting the horses? I was forgetting a number of arms and lances which are still attached to the sprue and awaiting paint. I’ve left these until now because the plastic of this set is particularly brittle and liable to snap. Leaving them until later reduces the risk of accidents!french-line-lancers-5

I think adding the lances will make a huge difference and I’m looking forward to seeing them finally painted and attached (this will probably be the focus of my next update). After all they’re not much of a lancer regiment without lances!

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