Happy New Year one and all! OK – it’s eight days late, I know, but I’ve been seriously distracted by another blog I’ve been working on.

It’s a project featuring a fictional 18th century Imagi-Nation and its army called The Duchy of Charnwood. I’m using 28mm metal figures and generally having a bit of fun setting up a fantasy nation with its colourful troops. I envisage it will be a slow-burn project and therefore not be taking up too much of my time. However, in the rush to get it set up over Christmas, I’ve neglected Suburban Militarism a little and, therefore, also my Russian Cuirassiers as a consequence.

Anyway, if you want to check out all the nonsense of my absurd new blog and pay His Grace the Duke of Charnwood a visit in “The Duchy of Charnwood” click here

Duchy of Charnwood.PNG

I’m back on to the plastic Napoleonic cavalry now, though. Those Astrakhan Cuirassiers are well into their paint job albeit with lots of details still to attend to. They are a joy to paint, I confess. The Zvezda figures are really good and it’s a real shame that the manufacturer has seemingly abandoned full 1/72 scale Napoleonic kits. I’m looking forward to seeing these Russian cuirassiers completed and displayed in my brand new display cabinet (a Christmas present!) up on the wall with all the other Nappy cavalry regiments.

Napoleonic Russian Cuirassier

I’ll update with new pics (hopefully soon…) once those riders are finally finished and I’m ready to start on their horses.

I sincerely wish a happy and peaceful New Year to all visitors to Suburban Militarism.

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