White Russians

My Zvezda Russian Cuirassiers (the riders, that is) have progressed to the stage where they are nearly ready to be varnished. I’ll say it again, Zvezda have produced some lovely figures and these are no exception. The detail isn’t always very crisp, so the emphasis is on taking care to bring it out clearly with the brush. Being the Astrakhan Regiment, these cuirassiers have yellow facings.


The officer, flag bearer and trumpeter have more work to be done on them, so will therefore lag behind the rest somewhat. Next up: time to begin painting all those Russian heavy cavalry horses. The grim January UK weather is keeping me in doors more than I’d like, so there’s no excuse to push on with them.

Here are some photos of how they are looking so far (bearing in mind that white uniforms seldom come out clearly as a photograph)!





And, until my next post, here’s how the Russian Cuirassiers are supposed to look in this detail from a truly enormous and beautifully detailed panoramic painting of the battle by Franz Alekseyevich Roubaud:

Russian Cuirassiers at the Battle of Borodino, 1812.

2 thoughts on “White Russians

  1. I have just found this fantastic blog, very impressed I am now even tempted to buy some Strelets figures! Your notes on painting the Waterloo British Heavy Dragoons very useful just primed mine as well as some Zvezda Saxon Cuirassiers. Great work & I am gradually making my way through all your blog posts. I think there are quite a few armies hidden in suburbia! they are just a bit isolated.

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    1. Thanks David! Those Strelets figures are always entertaining to paint, if nothing else. The British Heavy Dragoons can be a bit brittle, so watch those swords. I also have Saxon Cuirassiers are awaiting their turn later this year.

      Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot. My best,



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