Polish Infantry on the March

I’ve now finally completed my 20 figures of Strelets’ Polish Napoleonic Infantry! I decided that it would be fun to place them in a mini diorama, marching wearily along some muddy country lane, mud on their boots and trousers.


They are the 12th Infantry Regiment, which wore the usual dark blue coat (called a kurtka) but were distinguished in the Polish army by their unique yellow collars.



I think they look rather impressive and a clear improvement on many of their figures from the past.

I’m already working on the rest of the box; 24 figures which include the four command figures (flag bearer, officer, NCO and drummer). This will be the 13th Regiment. Being a chap that always likes to paint something a little different to keep me interested, I’ve selected this regiment because (unique amongst Napoleonic Polish infantry) they wore white uniforms. These were in fact captured Austrian infantry uniforms which sported a fetching light blue colour for the lapels, collars and cuffs.

13th Regiment, Polish Legion.

With 24 figures to paint, it will take me a fair while to get them finished. I’m enjoying my painting however, so it’s not a chore. The white uniforms are already done and I will be adding some light blue for the facings next. I’ll post an update once I’ve got something decent to share!

I like my military music, so I’ll sign off with a video of Polish Army Band marching through London in 2015 wearing dark blue uniforms and Czapka helmets similar to their Napoleonic ancestors that I’m painting.

Bye for now,


12th Polish Regiment (2)


8 thoughts on “Polish Infantry on the March

    1. Thanks for the praise! Strelets often cover some excellent topics but their figures haven’t always been to everyone’s taste but I think they’re looking better lately.


  1. Good stuff Marvin really nice I’ve just got the new British infantry in attack they are a vastar improvement on past strelets figures one quick question what do you prime your figures with thanks kind regards jay (the iron duke)


    1. Hi Jay, I’ve had my eye on those nice new Strelets British infantry sets too!

      In priming my figures, I always use matt black acrylic (black helps with black-lining the details like crossbelts). The paint I always use is the cheapest black acrylic car spray paint I can find! Hycote matt black is one I often use. Spray paints save so much time on what’s a boring job but proper model spray paints like Humbrol are expensive. A £4.50 can of acrylic car spray paint seems to do just as good a job as anything else. I always brush my figures beforehand using a toothbrush in washing up liquid and water. Some figures seem to still resist paint even after all that (these Strelets are a bit like that). If so, I paint on a very thin layer of PVA glue and add the spray paint after it is dry. That always seems to do the trick.




      1. thanks marvin ive been using the vallejo surface primer which is very good but ive been spraying it on with my airbrush which is a long drawn out process i,ll give your method a try ive had some paint flaking off in the past mainly with some revell figures for some reason ,ive not been able to upload to bennos for some reason so ive put some vids on youtube(hxjay1971) ive seen yours i like the grand parade of cavalry hope to see more in the future and some new ones from blucher who was kind enough to give us both a shout out anyway im waffling so thanks for the tips and keep painting kind regards jay

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Revell figs do seem to flake easily, probably because they are so slender and delicate. As I say, pva glue helps a little for me with no loss of detail definition.

        Re: Bennos Forum. There’s been issues with some photo hosting sites not allowing their images to be shared on forums. I use Imgur which allows me a to copy a code I can paste into a post. If this kind of techy stuff isn’t your thing then I can send you some step by step instructions if helps?

        And yes! I remember good old Blucher giving us both a bit of free advertising! I work with video production in my job so you’d think I’d be better at youtube… Maybe I’ll have a go soon – you too hopefully?

        Thanks for the interest!



  2. They are wonderful figures and you have done a marvellous job of painting and basing them to bring out the detail and ‘character’ of the figures.
    I have always liked, even preferred Strelets figures—their early carabiniers set is probably my favourite of all 1/72nd figures. They just seem to keep getting better and better with their latest offerings (and those planned for 2018), don’t they?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank James! I agree that Strelets have something special about them. I always get a sense of painting a character rather than just a model. I also appreciate their choice of topics and troops, like the carabiniers. I’ve painted quite a bit of their Russo-Turkish and Crimean War range (see the link “Crimean War by Strelets” under the pages section – top right).

      New offerings look great – Standing Nappy British Infantry, Tropical Turkish and all those Camel corps!

      Thanks again for your interest



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