#FEMbruary Challenge Complete: Catherine the Great!

My contribution to the FEMbruary challenge, a 28mm metal figure of Catherine the II of Russia is now finished! Here is the great lady herself astride her grey; Brilliant.


In a previous post, I observed how this Bad Squiddo figure was cleverly based upon an original portrait of the empress painted by a Swede named Vigilius Eriksen. You can observe below just how my figure compares with it’s original inspiration:

I’ve based her on a kind of rough track, complete with grasses and flowers, on her way to suggest to her husband Peter III that he should maybe consider abdicating in favour of her. Something about the sharpness of her glittering sword lends further weight to her suggestion…

Catherine the Great (11)

I used a shade of blue for her sash appropriately called “Royal Blue”, which I think looks the business.


Getting her face ‘satisfactory’ was an interesting challenge what with me not being used to painting female faces. It’s always easier to create an acceptable looking face when it’s covered over with a luxuriant moustache or bushy beard! That’s one terrific thing about FEMbruary – guiding me into neglected territory. I’m pleased to say that – no doubt thanks more to the sculptor than the painter – I think the face looks suitably feminine.


Catherine the Great (12)

Catherine’s long hair can be seen to cascade down her back, tied with a black bow.

Catherine the Great (8)

Catherine the Great (7)

And after that admittedly modest submission, and with the end of February fast approaching, I bow out of #FEMbruary. If FEMbruary in some way encourages more women into the hobby; encourages more appropriate female miniatures to be manufactured; or just enables us bloke modellers to reconsider female figures and their portrayal more carefully, then all to the good.

I urge visitors to check out the realistic female miniatures on Annie Norman’s splendid Bad Squiddo Games site and also check out some of the other participants terrific work:

7 thoughts on “#FEMbruary Challenge Complete: Catherine the Great!

    1. Thanks, fella. And thanks for drawing my attention to the challenge. I think a great figure always provides encouragement to try and do it some justice and this one was like that. I’m hoping you might even find time for one more FEMbruary figure? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Superb Marvin, superb, and a great idea to show the figure alongside the painting. I’m glad the figure challenge has introduced you and all of us to new figures and new challenges. Take a well deserved bow.
    Here’s to next FEMbruary 2019.
    I still have one or two more FEMbruary 2018 blogposts about female figures to finish, a chunky Airfix footballer saloon girl (still looks like Kevin Keegan in a dress) to sort out one way or the other and have not yet started on the “Mexican peasant woman becomes a suffragette” challenge. The Land Girls from Bad Squiddo and the African pound store Amazons got in the way! The dangers of Challenge Creep … but it leaves lots of ideas for FEMbruary 2019.
    Thanks for the link.
    Mark, Man of TIN


    1. Here’s to challenge creep, I say! I’ve just found some interesting information relating to other women soldiers in a book which I may blog about. So maybe FEMbruary not quite over for me…

      I’m looking forward to your coming posts (will it be a Keegan or a She-gan, I wonder…).

      Looking forward to FEMbruary 2019 already!



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