Another Marrion’s Men post…

You’ll never guess what came through the post today. A couple of weeks ago, I complained about missing out on eBay on a Dorset Miniatures 54mm figure, another one for my “Marrion’s Men” series of yeomanry.

Marrion Yorkshire Hussar (3).JPG

Having been outbid, I was surprised to see the same figure quickly re-listed. Presumably, the original winner found themselves unable to commit to the purchase for some reason. I’m delighted to confirm that I subsequently won the figure – all of which makes for a happy me!

Marrion Yorkshire Hussar (2)

So, I’ll be painting up this 1852 officer of the Yorkshire Hussars at some point. In the meantime, the lack of any finished figures appearing on this blog of late is not down to a total lack of endeavour on my part. Those Pegasus’ French WWI infantry are proving incredibly time-consuming. I’m creeping forward with them, so more on those whenever I finally get something worth sharing…

Marrion Yorkshire Hussar (1)

9 thoughts on “Another Marrion’s Men post…

  1. Excellent mate. I once bought a box of Orks on eBay from the uk and when I received the package I found I had two boxes. I checked the purchase and saw clearly I had only paid for one. I contacted the seller and they were so impressed with my honesty that they told me to keep the extra box hehe.

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  2. Looking forward to see him painted. A pub is being renovated in town at the moment and you can see a pair of plaster horses on its upper walls a left over from when it was stables for the Yeomanry. Not sure if your model could fit in but it is Yorkshire at least.



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    1. That’s really great about the pub – yeomanry stables connection! Do you happen to know which regiment it was? Yorkshire being a large county had a number of regiments.

      Many thanks


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      1. It was used by the 2nd West Yorkshire Yeomanry to 1862 then it was taken over by the 6th West Yorkshire Rifle Voulnteers until 1901 went it was converted into a music hall. Amazing what a bit of googling can show you. It was a cinema when I was a child before being converted to a pub in the 90s.



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