FEMbruary 2019: Sailor Girls

It’s FEMbruary! This is a great idea is from Alex over at Leadballoony who managed to inspire many of us miniature figure painters last year to consider attempting female versions. Some wonderful creations abounded. For my part last year, at the suggestion of Mark from Man of Tin Blog, I attempted a figure from the wonderful Bad Squiddo Games; Catherine the Great of Russia.

2018s FEMbruary figure – Bad Squiddo’s Catherine the Great.

Alex is leading from the front once again with his 2019 call for Fembruary figures! And I’m answering that call again with a group of seven 54mm-scale metal ladies marching in uniform. These are Wrens, that is to say members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service. I guess they are WWII-era naval personnel judging by their headgear.

Wartime necessity gradually eroding those old, strict gender roles… The WRNS were first established in WWI and disbanded soon after its end., but WWII brought them back.

Purchased for a very reasonable bid on eBay, these female naval personnel are from an unknown manufacturer – can anyone advise (Man of Tin Mark – any ideas, fella)?!

The figures were purchased on eBay unpainted. They are about 54mm high and made of metal.

I’ve glued them into bottle tops with a bit of blu-tack as extra support. I’ve already sprayed them with black acrylic as a primer, so everything’s ready for painting.

Navy girls awaiting navy paint – my Wrens on the march.

The key challenge is that the style of these figures really cry out for a classic Britains-esque paint job which, as some of you may know, is not at all my usual style. I think I’ll stick, more or less, with a version of my usual approach and just see what I’m happy with.

Not the kind of thing I tend to do on Suburban Militarism, but that’s one of the things that makes them, and FEMbruary, so worthwhile. I’ll be painting some more figures from Bad Squiddo too this month which I will reveal soon.

Meanwhile, Man of Tin blog has hit the ground running with his inaugeral 2019 post on his plans for FEMbruary. Bad Squiddo Land Girls, female Russian snipers and a little choice reading material for starters.

You can also keep up to date with FEMbruary and its participants via Leadballoony’s blog post here!

10 thoughts on “FEMbruary 2019: Sailor Girls

  1. Great mate. Glad you’re joining in again. Loved Catherine so I’m excited to see how you pint these fine ladies. I have no idea where they’re from but I like them. Any markings on them at all? Could be handmade.

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    1. No markings that I could see so they remain a mystery. As wrens, they are supposed to have “HMS” on the front of their caps but all I can see is some vague marking on the cap sides. I like the idea they might be hand made.

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    1. Thanks, I just had a look at the Robinson Miniatures – immediately get pics of their WRENS and WRACS, great stuff. The IWM plaster figure is impressive – nearly 30ins high!


  2. Gosh you blokes do impress me ,your every where I look ,I never thought you would have the time ,maybe I need a time management officer ! ,mate I paint my folk with the bottle tops the other way upon a bit of bluetack and I have to be careful when removing the figures when finished ,is there an advantage to the way you do it or is it just a personal thing ?.

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    1. Well, I usually do it your way too! But these 54mm metal figures are heavy and easily tilt off the bluetack. So I’ve tried it the other way so I can pack the bluetack up over the base and build it up enough to hold it on. They’re sitting in a bowl of bluetack basically – much harder for them to peel off.

      P.S. It’s easy to find time for figures when I shamelessly put off all the important jobs that I really need to be getting on with instead…!

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