Frame and Glory: Fores’ Yeomanry Costumes

A short post to celebrate the display of all four of my 1840s prints of Fores’ Yeomanry Costumes, which are now all framed and up on the wall at home.

  • Top; the 2nd West York Yeomanry
  • Bottom; the Buckinghamshire Hussars

And below, a reminder of my first two framed prints from last year;

  • (Left) The Yorkshire Hussars
  • (Right) The Long Melford Troop of Yeomanry Cavalry

You can read about the origin and history of these artworks in my original post from last year by clicking on the link below:

5 thoughts on “Frame and Glory: Fores’ Yeomanry Costumes

  1. Hey matey in my long working career here and in when I spent two years living in the Uk and France I did pick up what I try to impress on our two girls ,I’m sure you are with me on this mate , number one the subject comes first the frame or what ever that surrounds it is there to compliment the first ,and if you can’t get it right ,go off and be a politician . They look good to me but the thing that amazes me is that you still have room on your walls for them ! .Cheers mate !.

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    1. I agree. The frame should not distract from the subject.

      Well, we don’t as a rule over-burden the walls with artwork – ‘less is more’ and all that, so hence some space available. What amazed me is that the misses allowed me to make use of all this prime wall space in the most public areas of the house. Turns out that she likes them too! She has good taste. 🙂

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