FEMbruary 2019: Soviet Sniper Sisters in the Snow

For my final submission for FEMbruary, I’ve been tackling Bad Squiddo Games’ WWII female snipers. Bad Squiddo do an amazing range of soviet soldier women including all-women infantry squads with rifles or SMGs, scouts, medics, tank riders, heavy machine gun teams, mortar teams and even flame throwers.

My second FEMbruary 2019 submission – a female soviet sniper squad!

Bad Squiddo also do sniper teams like mine, including other non-winter duos. Coincidentally, Mark at Man of Tin blog has been tackling Bad Squiddo’s female soviet command set for FEMbruary too, whilst also setting himself a FEMbruary challenge read that resonates perfectly with my sniper women figures – The Unwomanly Face of War, an oral history of Russian women in WW2.

The two figures fit well together, with one lady calling out and pointing, while her comrade stands poised ready to act on her advice.

Svetlana the Spotter:

Individually, I like this figure’s face with her hair falling out from under her fur hat. She holds a pair of binoculars by which she has clearly identified a target. I painted the eyeglass parts for these in silver, in a rare use of bright colour.

Over her shoulder is a sub-machine gun, which I’ll tentatively identify as a PPSh-41 (aka “pepesha”) with a drum magazine.

Lyudmila the Sniper:

Lyudmila is depicted holding her weapon as if in readiness to select a target. The rifle could be anything under that wrapping so I’ll randomly call it a Tokarev SVT-40 (aka the “Sveta”), which I know the female soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko once used.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko was the most successful female sniper in history. Her memoirs entitled “Lady Death” have been very recently published in English for the first time by Greenhill Books. A well-educated lady who later became an historian, Pavlichenko was eventually withdrawn from combat because of her growing status. She was subsequently fêted by the allies (touring both the US and Great Britain) as well as being honoured by her mother country.

Lyudmila’s SVT-40 rifle appears to be smothered by some covering which may have acted as some sort of sound suppressor, or at the very least I would have thought, camouflage.

These two sculpts are so good that even a guy not at all used to painting WWII figures, never mind female snipers in 28mm metal, finds himself terribly tempted to build up my collection of these soviet women even more. As I’ve already got a huge army of unpainted figures – I don’t need more temptation, dammit!

And with those completed figures, I bow out out of FEMbruary 2019. I must say that I’m very pleased with my submission of figures; the locally made M.J. Mode 54mm Wrens and these fabulously sculpted Bad Squiddo snipers. Imperial Rebel Ork and Man of Tin have been busy also and I urge you to keep an eye out for more updates on Alex at Leadballoony blog for his and other submissions!

11 thoughts on “FEMbruary 2019: Soviet Sniper Sisters in the Snow

    1. Cheers Pete – I’m really pleased with how they turned out after at one stage losing faith that I would be at all happy with the end result.


  1. These Bad Squiddo’s have painted up extremely well on their own and would also work well as a diorama vignette piece. You can relax now, your FEMbruary labours are done for another year.
    There are several sections on female snipers in The Unwomanly Face of War, which I have almost finished reading. Well worth tracking down.
    ‘Enjoyable’ (in view of the tough but wide-ranging subject matter) is probably not the best description of the book but very interesting, well edited – each woman’s oral history contribution is usually short and collated by theme – and possibly one of the freshest books I have read on WW2 in the last ten years. Some books on WW2 you feel like you have kind of read before. This one gives you a fresh perspective. My other surprising recent WW2 read was the Taste of War, all about how the provision of food and rations had a major effect on military events and domestic events in WW2.

    Thanks for the mention – the Bad Squiddo glossy soviets coming on steadily and the glossy Land Girls almost done.

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    1. These snipers were a challenge but a real joy and I’m really pleased to add them to my collection.

      And on your recommendation, I will certainly try to source a copy of that book. Looking forward to seeing your ladies completed. The soviet figures I’m a paid up member of the fan club now and the glossy Land Girls are a delight.


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