Horsing Around

I’ve not been idle on the model soldier front over this past week or so. In a return to the venerable Napoleonic Cavalry Project I’ve been turning my brush on to figures of horses; 17 in total, so that’s quite a herd!

In a change to my usual process, I thought I’d shake things up a bit by making a start on the horses before I paint the riders. So, here are the finished equines now let loose on the pasture and patiently awaiting their riders.

I won’t mention the regiment’s name yet, but the green shabraques provide a clue, if not the impressive sculpting. What a tease I am…

There’s an officer’s charger included which wears a very exotic horse blanket made out of leopardskin. You may be able to make out the head of the deceased big cat hanging out over the rump. That was great fun to paint being not at all familiar with painting African wildlife skins!

There’s a trumpeter’s horse too; a grey, naturally, but with a starkly different coloured shabraque to the rest of the regiment.

That leaves 18 cavalrymen for me to paint for those 17 horses. No, I’ve not misplaced a horse somewhere… the riders are currently still untouched in the box, so I ought to pull my finger out, if not my brush, and get painting!

6 thoughts on “Horsing Around

  1. Mate they are good ! it does help to have a good model but you have really nailed the painting of horses. When I started out painting horses was no fun just make them black ,white ,brown and get stuck into the guys in uniform ,I really didn’t like painting them so I steered away from cavalry even though I did want to do a charge so I put it off .It was only when I was doing the ECW dio last year that I realised that I had to bite the bullet and learn to paint them properly .A bit of research and application and I found it fun to paint ,adding socks and stars ,so I can really appreciate the work you have put into these mate ,and the eyes are so good .
    The cavalry look like a great set with good poses , I’m looking forward to seeing how you do these guys .

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    1. Thanks mate. You know, I used to be exactly the same – thinking the horses are a distraction from the real business of painting the riders. Then I decide to pay them a little more attention and find it pays dividends. With the misses being an equestrian, I feel the additional urge to get the best I can out of them. The stockings and stripes, etc, are the fun bit, giving them some personality.

      Interesting that you mention the eyes. I’ve always been an advocate of using a little white in their eyes for definition and to add a little ‘life’ to them. Not everybody does this and in reality most horse eyes are nearly 100% dark (except in times of stressful exertion – like battles). In a slight change this time, I’ve reduced that white to a smaller slither and for the first time added gloss black for the eye rather than matt, to make them glint. I *think* it was an improvement?

      Maybe I spend too much time thinking about horse eyes…

      thanks again


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