British Infantry Uniforms of the 19th Century: #12

12. Royal Welch Fusiliers

“This regiment was raised in 1689. In the Royal Warrant of 1713 it was described as the “Royal Regiment of Welsh Fuzileers”. The present form of spelling “Welch” was adopted in 1920. The drawing shows a fusilier in 1849.”

Number 12 of 25 from “British Uniforms of the 19th Century” – a cigarette card series issued by manufacturer Amalgamated Tobacco (Mills).

2 thoughts on “British Infantry Uniforms of the 19th Century: #12

  1. That’s a nice print, so thanks for sharing! I have a wargames unit representing the 2nd Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers, since it was the only British Army battalion to serve in the 1900 relief of Peking (so, I should really have spelled that “Welsh”), the bulk of British forces being drawn from India.

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    1. Thanks John, I share the great illustrations from this series every now and then. It’s from a series of trade cards issued by various manufacturers 50-60 years ago and which can still be sourced on eBay for £5-£10.

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