My Christmas Cornucopia

I always enjoy seeing some of the gifts and presents that other bloggers get for Christmas, so I’m sharing some of mine too.

First off, this box of Marlburian British Infantry in Advance from Strelets wonderful new foray into the War of the Spanish Succession. I’m delighted that Strelets have begun this series which has been woefully neglected by in 1/72 scale plastics. What’s more, the figures are beautifully sculpted, too.

At my suggestion, I’ve also received from kindly relatives a box of these unusual figures, also by Strelets:

Strelets’ Roman Senate 1 box is about five years old now and as the name suggests had a sister box (number 2) also issued, which features many of the same figures. Two sprues contain senators all standing in their togas and alternatively listening or debating. A final sprue contains senators armed with knives, a statue, and Julius Caesar, all of which are designed to help you recreate the infamous assassination in the senate. A step out of the usual horse and musket era and into ancients; I’ve already been developing my plan for these which I’ll share in due course!

In another step away from 18th-19th century warfare, I’ve received a set of my favoured 1/72 scale plastics by the increasingly impressive Red Box. Last year, I developed my Ottomania project using their well-sculpted Ottoman Turks. As a kind of adjunct, I can now dip a toe into their late middle ages Duchy of Muscovy figures with these “Pishalniki” (arquebusiers).

What’s this? Wargaming?!

Earlier this year, Man of Tin blog, The Grand Duchy of Stollen and others paid tribute and mourned the passing of a deeply respected figure in the wargaming world; Stuart Asquith. Never having wargamed before, I was interested to read about the man and his achievements which included a book I’d had buried in my loft since my childhood; his Military Modelling Guide to Wargaming. His guide to solo wargaming was unwrapped on my birthday and together, who knows, I may investigate putting some of those figures of mine to use…

Of course, I need somewhere to keep all my crap, I mean precious hobby items and these boxes will do the job nicely; one with the grenadier from the sadly closing local discount hobby shop and the other from stationers Paperchase and featuring the Nutcracker which has been curiously popular this Christmas.

And finally, an amusingly appropriate stocking-filler…

I’ve already been busy working on some of my new figures and I’ll share progress shortly.

Until then, I wish a happy, productive and peaceful New Year to all Suburban Militarism visitors and friends!

16 thoughts on “My Christmas Cornucopia

  1. Some fabulous presents to keep you busy this coming year, Marvin.

    I look forward to seeing the contents painted and based including your recreation of Kenneth ‘Ceaser’ Williams’ “Infamy, Infamy … ” scene from Carry On Cleo.

    Thanks for the mention of my blog and I hope that you enjoy the Stuart Asquith books, they cover all of history and might even tempt you into the odd solo game.

    Stuart’s wargames rules and advice are simple and easy, very similar to Donald Featherstone’s War Games 1962 and Battles with Model Soldiers (both reprinted by John Curry History Of Wargaming project).
    All that you need then are two different boxes of Airfix – still a few in production at Many more online. Result? Happiness (or the top of a long slippery slope …)
    Happy New Year! Mark Man of TIN

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    1. Maybe I should recreate the ‘they’ve all got it infamy” scene rather than base it one of the classic paintings?! 🙂

      Best wishes and a Happy New Year to you too!


    1. Happy New Year, Judith!

      Yes – with these figures it’s more jaw, jaw than war war, to quote Winston Churchill. Although the ‘death of Ceasar’ figures do seem to be armed to the teeth!


    1. Once again, those Moscow sets are nice figures from RedBox and are something little different for me to try too.

      Happy New Year, John, looking forward to seeing your 2020 output!


    1. Regarding those senators, I’ve a little plan to present them in an unusual way – I’m waiting for something to arrive through the post, so watch this space!

      I think it’ll be fun sending some of my figures into combat so maybe I’ll give the solo wargaming a go this year. Speaking of which – Happy New Year to you. Really hoping that the terrible fires reported will soon be over for you in Oz.

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      1. The fires here, at one time, were bigger than all of England. That really put it into perspective for me. We live 100s of miles away from where the fires are but we had a blanket of thick smoke around for several days. I look forward to seeing what you do with the senators.

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  2. Sorry I’m late again, I’ve slipped behind again!! Like the other boys and girls I’ll be interested to see what you come up with in regards to the Senate set, I have read the PSR review and they look good but for the life me I had no idea of what could be done with them so yeah ,cant wait. And a Happy New Year to you and the family mate !

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    1. Don’t worry about lateness or otherwise. Any interest you show at any time of your choosing is always appreciated.

      Ha, yes I also wondered what the heck to do with some Roman Senators! What have in mind is a little eccentric presentation for them but I’m awaiting a delivery through the post, so I’ll share when it comes through. 🙂

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