Lord Orkney’s Regiment of Foot

I’m starting to find some very useful information about British regiments at the time of the War of the Spanish Succession. A website called The Spanish Succession is dedicated to the WSS and has lots of great and detailed information even on individual regiments including my chosen one; Orkney’s Regiment. The “oldest regiment in the British armed forces” had it’s roots far back in the Swedish army of Gustavus Adolphus of all things!

Ironically, my War of the Spanish Succession regiment even fought for the French army until Charles II ‘asked for it back’ in 1688. This regiment fought in all the major battles of the Duke of Marlborough and around this time became known as ‘The Royal Regiment’.

The Earl of Orkney, who gave him his name to the regiment, was appointed to it’s colonelcy 1692. An experienced soldier, he notably led the final assault at the Battle of Blenheim on the village leading eight battalions of troops before then receiving the final surrender of the French there.

By Martin Maingaud – Public Domain.

I also found some information on Pinterest about the flags carried into battle by the Royal Regiment / Orkney’s Regiment. My previous regiment had an English flag but being a Scottish regiment, the Orkney’s national flag was carried instead of the Union flag at this time. The design is shown below:

Once again, I had to endure the horrors of painting folded flag drapes. I might neaten up those white lines, but here is the result:

Orkney’s Regiment is described in my copy of “The Armies and Uniforms of Marlborough’s Wars” as having red coats, white facings, grey breeches and yellow lace on the tricornes. The facings later became blue possibly as early as the end of the 17th century but sources depict them still with white cuffs during the Marlburian period. Certainly, artist Bob Marrion preferred to illustrate the regiment with white facings in the aforementioned book.

R.J. Marrion’s illustration of a man of Orkney’s Regiment of Foot (book cover).

The figures I’m using are still from Strelets “advancing” set of British infantry figures. Sankey’s Regiment were all marching with arms at the slope, but Orkney’s men are all charging forward with their bayonets ready.

Though the box is finished, Orkney’s Regiment is lacking an officer and also a grenadier company. I’ve ordered more boxes of this series, however, so I can open another and attend to the shortfall in due course!

10 thoughts on “Lord Orkney’s Regiment of Foot

  1. All very nice, Marvin! As far as folded flags go, that looks fine to me, way better than I could manage! 🙂 If you need extra officers/command figures, would Seven Years Wars figures look too out of place? It’s just that Lancer Miniatures and Newline Designs both do SYW British command packs!

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    1. Thanks John. Hmm, more shopping for figures, you say? Sounds like an excellent idea! I’ll check them out, the boxes do come a bit light on officers, but well blessed with ensigns. Some chat on Strelets’ forum suggested to them that they might want to do a command set. But whether they will do it is another matter entirely so I’ll be checking out the packs you suggest. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Pete. I found the drape on this flag a little easier to work out and paint. The previous one flummoxed me but I can always go back do a repaint on that some time.

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  2. Nice bit of history, and the figures of course look beautiful. I really admire your willingness to tackle the flags – this one looks great!

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  3. Heh mate I have to say your consistency with the paint brush is to be admired, I’m having to paint some more ECW figures for a small requested job and do you think I can repeat the success I had a year ago !!! Again your work on the flag is very impressive .

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    1. Thanks pal, It’s personal – I’m waging a brush war on all sculpted flags – bring ’em on!! 😀

      Interested to see what you do with your civil war figures. I have some ECW figures somewhere – one of those things in the plastic pile / mountain that I will get around to ‘one day’.

      Now back to my latest Marlburian regiment…

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    1. Thanks. Yes, I know what you mean. It’s period I’ve wanted to learn a little more about and this project has provided some impetus to do a bit of research which I might otherwise just never get around to.


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