Lace Wars: The 1st Guards

Two regiments (and 1 box) already completed in my War of the Spanish Succession project, I’m still happily painting the lovely Strelets British infantry. For the latest figures, I’m making use of Strelets other very newly released WSS sets;

  • British Infantry in Attack
  • British Infantry Firing line

After a couple of line regiments, I felt it was time to include an elite formation and so I’ve started work on the most prestigious infantry in the British Army; the 1st Foot Guards.

The 1st Foot Guards at Blenheim, crossing the River Nebel.

My C.S. Grant book on the uniforms of the WSS informs me that the 1st Guards wore a red coat with facings of “Royal blue” and breeches of blue. Depictions of the regiment from this time seem to show a mid-light coloured blue, including this 1st Foot Guards re-enactor wearing a grenadier’s uniform:

I have Vallejo paint called “Royal Blue” but I’ve instead opted for their “Flat Blue” which seemed a more satisfactory shade.

Impatient for Strelets to produce other sets (presuming of course that they do), at the wise suggestion of John at Just Needs Varnish blog, I’ve been exploring other potential sources of 20mm scale WSS troops. As a first toe in the water some figures have arrived today from metal 20mm manufacturer Irregular Miniatures. These are some infantry officers to make up my shortfall from the Strelets boxes and a regiment of British Horse consisting of an officer, a trumpeter, a flag bearer and five troopers:

I think they’re very impressive! 🙂 Size comparison shows the figures to be slightly smaller than the Strelets figures. This is because these Irregular Miniatures figures are ‘true’ 20mm which is to say 1/76 scale rather than 1/72.

Anyway, there’s an awful lot going on on the Suburban Militarism painting desk at the moment, and those Foot Guards won’t paint themselves!

20 thoughts on “Lace Wars: The 1st Guards

    1. Yes, they do a nice range and from the figures I’ve received very promptly, I think I’ll be going back for more. I’ll see how my paint hangs on them, but the sculpting looks good for metal 20mm.

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  1. Both the Strelets and Irregular figures look superb (and I love your painting of Lord Orkney’s regiment from the last post.) Do you think that they would match with the old Les Higgins 20mm Marlburian figures?

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      1. Many thanks for finding that link, Ian. I may well find myself dipping into that venerable old range too. If you get time to look at your Les Higgins figures at all then I’d be interested to see what kind of stature they are!

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  2. I’ll echo the previous commenters. Lovely looking figures and cavalry castings so far. Everything your describe sounds very exciting. Looking very forward to seeing how your project develops further.

    Best Regards,


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    1. Thanks Stokes,

      I am enjoying planning the steady build up of the armies. Irregular Miniatures do a good range of WSS troops – dragoons mounted and dismounted, cuirassiers, different headgear, etc, so I’m like a kid in a sweet shop at the moment choosing what should come next!

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  3. You’re getting on well with this project (and thanks for the mention)! I use Irregular Minis figures to plug gaps in my armies and usually mount them on extra bits of plastic to lift them up a bit and stand approximately level with other figures. Those do look very nice figures! 🙂

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    1. That’s a great tip about the extra plastic to level them off – just the kind of thing I wouldn’t even think about! I thought you might have used Irregular at some time in your inventive approach to recreating armies.

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      1. Thanks Marvin! 🙂 I’ve been buying Irregular Miniatures stuff for decades actually and have them scattered throughout my armies. OK, the 20mm figures are on the small side, but fill in some useful gaps! Have some Irregular Franco-Prussian War French Dragoons being prepared at the moment!

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      2. Yes, you’re right, they’re a little small but, if we’re to consider them ‘bantam battalions’ then they just about stand up to sharing the same battlefield, I think.

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  4. Bantams !! I just love that term mate ! I’ll be interested to see if the height difference is noticeable once you have painted them ,and as they are mounted I can’t see a problem.

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    1. Hi Pete, that’s interesting, not having ordered 20mm metal before I’m intrigued what this reputation is. The figures I received seem pretty good and the order was dispatched to me really quickly, so no complaints from me.

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