Lace Wars with Les

Just wanted to share some progress on my Les Higgins War of the Spanish Succession cavalry, sample figures courtesy of John Cunningham. There’s still a little corrective paint required on one or two of these figures, nonetheless I’ve been creating (from left to right):

  • a trooper of the Bavarian Arco Cuirassier Regiment
  • a French dragoon of the Royal Regiment
  • a dragoon of the Danish 5th Jydske Dragoon Regiment
  • a trooper of the Regiment du Roi, a French Horse Regiment

Still work to be done, but they’ve given me the template for creating an entire regiment of each. Yesterday, I received more of these wonderful old Les Higgins miniatures so I can set to work when I’m ready. These, along with the other mountain of figures should at least keep me well occupied in these troubling times of global pandemic.

Scrubbed and drying, ready for paint: my Les Higgins 20mm cavalry haul.

For anyone interested in purchasing Les Higgins recast figures, please visit this page on Vintage Wargaming Figures for more information.

10 thoughts on “Lace Wars with Les

  1. Hey mate, they look like real coins you are using as bases, is the UK currency just a bad as ours, except we haven’t had coppers for so long.
    These Higgins figures look pretty impressive but you will excuse me but I notice you have a few mould lines showing ( normally they only show up for me when I have posted them on my blog )but being metal figures ,dose that mean it hard to remove or you are smarter than I and know no one will notice !!!
    That being said it goes without saying mate ! great paint work ! Ha Ha !

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    1. Ha, thanks mate. Maybe some won’t notice, but of course your keen eye has spotted those mould lines! 🙂

      I am a beggar for not worrying too much about mould lines actually, even with plastic. I generally have a little go at removing the worst of it but won’t stress any more than I have to – just something I’m not prepared to spend precious painting time on! They were a bit of a test paint job too, so I guess I worried about them even less than usual. 😀

      2p coins – easy to use and cost only 2p per base!

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      1. Ha ha mate , yeah I’m a bit anal when it comes to mould lines 🤔but when it comes to the important stuff like painting . I was missed the stars on the hoses faces on the last ECW one and only realised my mistake when I was about to post it 😳🤭maybe you are right most people wouldn’t notice and I’m just wasting time!

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      2. No, I think it more likely that you’re just doing a “proper job”! If you knew how slapdash I can be in life, that I’m a figure painter would be difficult to believe… 😀

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