Strelets Standing Soldiers: The Old Guard

Following the issuing of April’s challange by Ann’s Immaterium to stop buying new shiny things and paint up some of our backlog of figures – I’ve made solid progress with my 2018 box of 1/72 scale Strelets Old Guard figures. Nearly complete, there’s 28 of them in total, including a pioneer sergeant, an officer and Napoleon Bonaparte himself.

I’ve so far just concentrated on the rank and file plus the officer, so I’ve still got the sergeant to finish off and Napoleon himself still to paint. I’ve based them very simply on a kind of parade ground type of surface.

One of the things I thought was great about painting these figures is the facial features which seem to give each pose character. Perhaps my favourite is this fella below who seems to be casting a quizzical glance askew.

Eyes right!

The officer:

Apparently, the Old Guard did not have buttons to turn their coats back. Whether that’s true or not, I like the look.

Boney (and his Pioneer Sergeant) will be reviewing his Old Guard in a future post…!

10 thoughts on “Strelets Standing Soldiers: The Old Guard

    1. Yes – perfect musical accompaniment to these chaps! You know, I really love the whole score to Waterloo and recently my wife caught me listening to a YouTube rendition of the Rota’s Waterloo Waltz – the ball scene (shaking her head wryly as she went past).

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  1. Listening to the Waterloo film OST soundtrack, you appear to have the Waterloo Strelets Napoleonic and Old Guard figure set with one figure intentionally missing, linked to the Nappy gamers favourite picture puzzle book with Where’s Wally? type illustrations of Waterloo battlefield – “Gruchy? Where is Gruchy?”

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  2. Very nice minis, Marvin! 🙂 The parade ground basing’s a good idea and provides a nice contrast to the figures themselves. It makes a change to see them wearing greatcoats as well. Nice details on the figures, particularly the faces! Well done getting them painted!

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  3. Cheers, John. I’ve really enjoyed these. I had to be a little bit careful on things like cross belts and buttons which are really slightly sculpted but there’s enough ‘personality’ to them to make them a pleasure.

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  4. Sorry old mate I missed this one ,I notice it was on my birthday ,I must have had too much grog!!! you have don a great job again and as I have already seen them in front of that marvellous house of yours I’ll just slink of quietly!!!

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    1. Ha ha, far be it from my random posts to compromise some decent birthday celebrations. Hope you had a good day! 🙂 These Strelets guys need a little tlc to pick out the details but are nicely done.

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      1. Ha Ha ! I did under the circumstances mate ,and as you know it is so strange painting up these old Esci Figures after dealing with Strelets Nappy figures for some time !!

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